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Seafood traceability to ensure consumer confidence

VALID Project
The regulation (EC) Nș 178/2002, by which the general rules and requisites of the food product legislation are established, defines traceability as "the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance intended to be, or expected to be incorporated into a food or feed, through all stages of production, processing and distribution".

The main objective of VALID subproject of SEAFOODplus is to define a validation model for obtaining seafood traceability.

The figure illustrates the process followed until the establishment of the complete system for the evaluation of traceability.

Map of indicators

Efficiency and Reliability

Efficiency, means that the traceability system works, ensuring that: the records are completed, the good practices of traceability are respected, there are no information gaps or lack of information.

Reliability, means that the information gathered by the traceability system is reliable and free or errors, determinated by the best indicators related to food safety, quality and fraud.

Efficiency and reliability
Map of Indicators - Verification Parameters
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